Saturday, May 14, 2005

What is it About Harry?

Harry Reid, the senior Senator from Nevada and Senate Minority Leader, seems to have a bad case of foot in mouth disease of late. First, at a high school where he was lecturing students on democracy, he calls the President a loser, a rather inappropriate comment for that setting. He did manage to apologize for that gaffee.

Yesterday, Harry departed from his prepared remarks to state that one of the President's judicial nominees had troubling information in his confidential FBI file. First off, how did Harry see this file? According to the rules governing these files, only the Committee and the nominee's home state Seantors may have access to them. There was a defense of sorts, claiming that a secret committee meeting was inadvertantly broadcast on the internet. Still, it is really desperate politics to make an insinuation that the nominee cannot defend on, espcially when the nominee does not have access to that file.

Just how desperate is Harry and the democrats that they have to resort to this type of character assasination? Harry full well knows that Frist has the votes to end judicial filibustering. Is this now the new plan from Reid and the democrats? To start smearing nominees they would have tried to filibuster in an attempt to sway public opinion to their view?

The judge in question, Henry Saad of Michigan, has impeccible credentials. Judge Saad will try and have the contents of this report released, though it is not certain that he can. Remember, Judge Saad has not seen this FBI report.

These recent gaffes by Harry Reid makes one wonder if the pressure of being Minority Leader has gotten to him. One groups has already filed a formal ethics complaint against Reid on this matter. Whether or not this will be investigated is unknown. But, what if this file is made public and there is nothing that would bring into question Judge Saad's fitness to be confirmed. Where does the Senate go from there? Na interesting question. And, what happens to Reid in this instance? - Sailor


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