Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gallup Shock: 69 Percent Oppose Dem Filibusters

We have all seen one poll or another in the MSM, saying the American people support the dem/leftist position on filibustering judicial nominees. Many claim that it is how the question is framed that showed the results the left leaning MSM wanted. Of course, the MSM, or any organization, that wants a specific answer to a poll, will try and get that answer by framing the question to lead the poll taker in that direction. Now, NewsMax, is reporting the results of a Gallup poll that shows 69% of Americans favor an up or down vote on judicial nominees.

"The bombshell survey found that 35 percent "want to see the filibuster rules changed so that those judicial nominees are subject to an up-or-down vote," Gallup said.

Thirty-four percent "want to see the filibuster rule preserved" but "would like to see the Senate have an up-or-down vote on those nominees."

Only 19 percent told Gallup that Democrats were right to filibuster judicial appointments, with 12 percent voicing no opinion."
Do not hold your breath waiting to see these poll results in the leftist MSM. - Sailor

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