Thursday, May 12, 2005

Primary voters will be watching

It is always re-assuring when some one else verifies some things I have posted here. The New Hampshire Union Leader has a Page 1 editorial on how primary voters will be watching the current obstructionism by the dem/leftists and how the republicans will respond.

"But if the Republicans don't wise up and have the guts to stop the Democrats' current misuse of the filibuster, they will find that a President Hillary Clinton and her pals will have no such problem in suddenly "discovering" that the Founding Fathers never intended judges or other Presidential appointments to be blocked in this manner."
Sound familiar? I have posted about how the MSM are nothing more then shills for the DNC. I have also taken the GOP to task for not remembering that they are the majority party and for even thinking that the MSM will treat them better if they make nice with the dem/leftists.
"But only when George Bush came to office four years ago did Democrats in the Senate use the threat of filibuster to block judicial nominations from getting before the full Senate for a simple majority vote.

This has to be one of the great and most shameless legal loophole flimflams in our history. With courts being overrun by judicial activists, the voters' only recourse is to elect a President and Senate that will appoint judges who won't try to re-make the law."
As you can plainly see, this is nothing that I have not posted here many times before. It is heartening to see this in an editorial. I will continue to hammer away at this misuse of the filibuster every chance I get. My earlier note to Reid and Pelosi still stands. - Sailor

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