Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Confirm Justice Brown

The day may be finally upon us when Bill Frist finally pushes the button and puts an end to judicial filibusters. The left has been whining and gnashing their collective teeth for months now. You can be sure that some of them will be posting comments on how the voice of the minority is being squelched. This is utter bovine excrement. The minority had their chance to make their objections known, but what they really want is to control who is appointed to the Federal bench. As I have posted before, if they wish to do that, they need to become the majority party. A Washington Times editorial urges the confirmation of Judge Brown.

" In pursuit of the American dream, Justice Brown, who grew up as a daughter of sharecroppers in rural, segregated Alabama in the 1950s, worked her way through UCLA law school as a single mother. In 1998, as an unabashed conservative whose fair-minded integrity won her the editorial endorsements of California's two most powerful liberal newspapers (the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle), Justice Brown received more than 75 percent of the vote in her election to the California Supreme Court. That should put the lie to liberal assertions that she is outside the judicial mainstream. She has been embraced by the vast majority of the voters in one of the bluest of states.

From her position on the D.C. Circuit Court, for which a majority of senators would certainly confirm her in an up-or-down vote, the passionately conservative Brown would be an ideal Supreme Court nominee. That is why Democrats oppose her with such vitriol. With more than five decades of Horatio Alger accomplishments behind her, Janice Rogers Brown has earned the honor of being one of the two judges whom Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will use in his effort to overcome the Democrats' unprecedented, systematic filibuster campaign."
One of the things that the dem/leftists fear most, is a conservative black woman. Justice Brown is well qualified to be appointed to the D.C. Circuit Court. Her landslide elections in California are testament to her not being outside of the so called mainstream.

Just a reminder to those whining leftists: It was Senators Byrd, Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, etal, that in 1995 wanted to end all filibusters in the Senate. So before you whine about the minority voice not being heard, remember that. - Sailor

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