Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bolton must be confirmed

Yes, I know I have been AWOL. But, I am back now and will have much to say about the current situations and issues that we face now.

I will be starting with the Bolton nomination as the US Ambassador to the UN. I have been a supporter of Mr.Bolton since his name was first whispered as a possible selection for the post. All you need to do is look through my archives to see this. Mr. Bolton has more than proved his effectiveness. David Limbaugh has some observations in his article which supports the Bolton nomination.
"Liberals don't like it one bit that Bolton sees his role as vigorously representing the national interests of the United States, just as every other U.N. ambassador advocates the positions of his own country. They don't support Bolton's efforts to reform the United Nations, a corrupt organization that has consistently mistreated the United States and made a mockery of human rights -- a cause it purports to champion. They cringe when Bolton exposes U.N. hypocrisy, such as when he pointedly challenged Louise Arbour, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, on his threat to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes.
They don't like Bolton's unambiguous defense of Israel's actions in response to Hezbollah's unprovoked attacks, in which they killed and kidnapped Israeli soldiers and shot missiles indiscriminately into Israeli civilian populations. They resent Bolton's rejection of the U.N.'s moral perversion in giving the terrorists a pass for their atrocities and portraying Israeli acts of self-defense as war crimes. "
I guess those on the left, who thin the UN is the answer to all the world's ills, do not like some one that is willing to point out the Emporer is naked. When will the UN commissioner of human rights condemn terrorist groups? Not in his lifetime you can bet on that. For those who whine that other countries do not think Mr. Bolton is not doing a good job, ask me if I care what they think. No doubt they would prefer a panty waisted roll over for an ambassador.

Mr. Prager ends his article with this:
"As Bolton knows, it's hard to negotiate with savages of that mindset. That's why in an interview with Fox News' Brit Hume, Bolton dismissed Syria's requests for dialogue with the United States. Bolton told Brit, "Syria doesn't need dialogue to know what they need to do. They need to lean on Hezbollah to get them to release the two captured Israeli soldiers and stop the launch of rockets against innocent Israeli civilians." Exactly.
To put it bluntly, Republicans support Bolton's nomination precisely because of his clarity of thought and speech -- and his unapologetic representation of America's interests. Democrats oppose him because they sympathize with the negative view of Bolton held by foreign envoys who have anything but the best interests of the United States in mind.
If it bothers you that we have a staunch defender of America's interests serving as our ambassador to the United Nations and believe, instead, that we should routinely subordinate our interests to other nations openly hostile to us and contemptuous of the very idea of human rights, then you, too, should join the liberal chorus against confirmation of this fine public servant."
Mr.Bolton's nomination should be confirmed without delay. Natuarlly, the dems, lefists and terroist supporters, ass kissers and appeasers will try and filibuster this nomination. I hope that their attmpts will be in vain. Write or e-mail your Senator demanding that Mr. Bolton be confirmed. - Sailor