Monday, May 23, 2005


For those of you who still believe there is no MSM bias, you really do need to get your head out of the sand. Newsweek in a follow up to their Koran toilet flushing lie, has now gone taken another big step on it's America bashing crusade. In one of it's foreign edtions, Newsweek claims America is dead and blames Bush. Here is the full excerpt from FrontPage Magazine's War Blog. It isn't a pretty picture.


If you thought Newsweek’s phony Koran-in-a-commode story was bad, hold onto your hat. Riding Sun shows us what Newsweek is doing overseas, and you won’t believe it.

Or maybe you will.

Newsweek: America is dead.

UPDATE at 5/22/05 2:38:02 pm:
Note that the cover for the equivalent American edition of this issue was a feature on the Academy Awards titled, “Oscar Confidential.”

UPDATE at 5/22/05 3:10:13 pm:

LGF reader rickadams translates the cover text:

The red text at the left just above the “Newsweek” logo says:
“America forsaken.”

The big white and yellow text says:
“The Day America Died — The ideal of ‘freedom’ falls to the ground due to Bush continuing in office.”

UPDATE at 5/22/05 4:44:35 pm:
Aaron’s Rantblog

Doeas Newsweek really think that this would not get out? Has Newsweek and the rest of the old media already forgotten the lessons of Rather, Jordan and Newsweek? Next we will hear the whining from Newsweek about how their circulation continues to fall off. Then we will see the old media circle the wagons and continue to bash the bloggers. - Sailor

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