Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Italian Moral Stupidity in Iraq

I am sure most of you remember Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian communist reporter and terrorist ass kisser that was kidnapped in Iraq and subsequently released, after Italy was rumored to have paid a large ransom. She was wounded and an Italian security man killed while trying to run an American roadblock near the Baghdad airport. She made some rather outrageous claims about what occurred. So outrageous, I dubbed my posts on the subject, 'Sgrena's Tales'. Now Jack Kelly has a few more things to say about Sgrena and her fantasy in his commentary.

"Sgrena left her hotel the morning of Feb. 4th to interview refugees from Fallujah, the resistance stronghold captured by U.S. Marines in November. The interviews didn't go well. "The refugees...Would not listen to me," she said. "I had in front of me the accurate confirmation of the analysis of what the Iraqi society had become as a result of the war and they would throw their truth in my face."

Sgrena's feelings were hurt that the refugees could be so curt to: "I who had risked everything, challenging the Italian government who didn't want journalists to reach Iraq and the Americans who don't want our work to be witnessed of what really became of that country with the war and notwithstanding that which they call elections." (Maybe it reads better in Italian, or maybe she just can't write worth a damn.) "
Note the words "their truth". Looks like the Iraqi view of their situation did not agree with Sgrena's world view. I doubt that this read any better in Italian. What Sgrena wanted was to find Iraqi's that would condemn their own liberation. What she heard was definitely not to her liking, so like the typical leftist she is, she whined and sought to belittle those that did not give her what she wanted to hear.
"Sgrena and the driver said they approached the checkpoint slowly. But "slowly" seems to be a relative term for Italian drivers, and for communists. An Army officer told ABC news the car may have been going 100 mph when it was fired upon.

Sgrena claims the Americans shot without warning. "A tank started to shoot at us without any sign or any light," she told reporters March 7th. The soldiers say they used lights, and hand signals, and fired warning shots before shooting into the engine block to stop the vehicle. The car's driver said the soldiers did shine a spotlight, but opened up almost immediately afterwards.

Sgrena said "the tank" fired 300-400 shots at her car. But photographs of it published March 8th by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica indicate the vehicle suffered remarkably little damage for such a fusillade. There is a single bullet hole in the windshield, but the window glass and the fenders are otherwise intact, as is the hood."
Recently released satellite surveillance indicates that the car Sgrena was in was approaching the checkpoint at about 60mph. The most absurd of Sgrena's lie was the 300 - 400 rounds fired by a "tank". Surely if that were true, there would be no fantasy tale from Sgrena, as she would have been quite dead. Of course, the gullible and 'thirsty to smear' the US Military MSM, seized on this immediately and once again got egg on their collective faces.
"But there is no doubt about the credibility of Giuliana Sgrena. She entitled her story "My Truth," perhaps to distinguish it from the bourgeois concept of truth that depends on adherence to fact. Many on the Left in America embraced Sgrena's "truth," while refusing to give their countrymen the benefit of the doubt.

But hey, liberals support our troops. They say so all the time."
A typical America hating, terrorist ass kisser, Sgrena has made up her version of the "truth" I doubt this woman would know the truth if it shot at her. As for the leftists that say they support our troops, I have said this before, what utter bullshit. - Sailor

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