Friday, May 27, 2005

Don't expect the filibuster deal to last for long

For those of you that think this filibuster compromise will last, think again. I will go on the record right here and now and predict that it will not be all that ling before the dem/leftists find some reason to block a Bush judicial nominee. It will not make any difference if that nominee, as with the other nominees the dem/leftists have filibustered, hase the ABA Most qualified rating. As soon as NARAL or one of the other leftists groups tell Harry Reid no on a nominee, the filibustering will begin anew. Terence Samuel explains in his commentary why this deal will evaporate quickly.

"The deal was anomalous, because it made both sides vulnerable to capitulation and hypocrisy. It was not long before those charges were leveled. But maybe the easiest way to gauge whether this was a compromise with real costs is to note that both the Congressional Black Caucus and the Reverend James Dobson’s Focus on the Family decried the deal as a stinker and threatened to mobilize against it.

And it is those competing armies on the left and on the right that seem destined to run over this agreement like a semi over a caterpillar.

Add to that a clear sense that the GOP Senate leadership (which had the deal foisted on it) seems determined to blow it up at the earliest opportunity. After the agreement was reached, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist reminded everyone that he was not a part of the deal, and he reserved the right to resurrect the nuclear option at any point he feels necessary.

“I do not want to use the constitutional option, but bad faith and bad behavior during my tenure as majority leader will bring the Senate back to the point where all one hundred members will be asked to decide whether judicial nominees deserve a fair up-or-down vote.”

The deal itself may come up for an up-or-down vote before long."
We have already seen the bad faith on the part of the dem/leftists as they try to filibuster the Bolton nomination. Yes, Bolton is not a judicial nominee, but what ever good faith that may have been created by this compromise went out the window yesterday when the dem/leftists voted against cloture. This is all really a set up for a show down on the next SCOTUS nominee, which considerintg the current health of the Chief Justice will be sooner ratner than later. - Sailor

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