Thursday, May 26, 2005

Vote to end debate on Bolton fails

Didn't take long for the dem/leftists to use the filibuster on a Bush nominee. They have had their opportunity to express their advice and consent. This excuse about not having some additional classified documents is a red herring. The dem/lestists are on a fishing expidition, hoping against hope that some how, some where, they can find some thing that would sink Bolton. After all of this time, they need to stop being obstructionists and get to doing the people's business.

"Republicans needed 60 votes to cut off the debate; they fell short by four, with a 56-42 breakdown.

The debate on Bolton's nomination will now likely resume next month after senators return from their weeklong holiday break.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist had said he wanted a vote on the nomination before the weeklong Memorial Day holiday.

"It does disappoint me," Frist said after the vote. "It looks like we have, once again, another filibuster."

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid took issue with Frist's comment.

"This is the first filibuster of the year, and maybe the last. [I] hope so," the Nevada Democrat said."
Maybe the last? How long will it be before the dem/lefists find an excuse to say, filibuster a Bush SCOTUS nominee? After all NARAL has already spent a very large sum of money hiring political consultants to dig into the finances of potential judicial nominees. When NARAL speaks, the dem/leftists jump. So the this so called spirit of co-operation lasted about about 2 days. We can expect to see more of this obsrtuctionist behavior in the future. - Sailor


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