Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Political cheap shots and North Korea

Hilary Clinton, the dems/leftists and their allies in the MSM are once again trying to revise history. This time they are trying to paint the picture that it is the Bush adminstration that is responsible for the North Korean nuclear mess. For eigth years the Clinton administration bent over backwards to appease NK, including giving them two light water nuclear reactors. Now where do you think NK got the fissionable material to make their bombs from? This editorial from the Washington Times digs into this cheap political theatre.

Democrats and their mainstream media allies have been peddling a new and highly inventive theory about North Korea's nuclear-weapons program: that Pyongyang only makes nukes when Republicans hold the White House.

As the theory goes, North Korea's nuclear ambitions go on holiday when Democrats take office and only return with the election of someone like George W. Bush. If a President John Kerry were in office to hand out concessions to North Korea the way Bill Clinton did, the tyrants in Pyongyang would presumably be rolling out red carpets for the International Atomic Energy Agency and turning their reactor fuel back over to the power plants.
How stupid do they think the American people are? It is no wonder that the dems and their media pals continue to loose credibilty and in the case of the media, readers and viewers.
The Clinton administration's eight years compounded these North Korean successes. The diplomatic enticements and sweetheart deals it engineered or endorsed, including the Agreed Framework, all gave Pyongyang more resources and time to pursue its bomb.

The truth is that North Korea will likely continue attempting to pursue its nuclear-weapons program regardless of who occupies the White House. In her letter to Miss Rice, Mrs. Clinton called on the Bush administration to engage in bilateral talks with North Korea, as though such talks would be more fruitful than the Agreed Framework the North Koreans walked all over during the Clinton administration. Pyongyang has been demanding bilateral negotiations. The Bush administration has rightly opposed them, but it is hardly clear that the six-party talks it has pursued will yield better results. The record to date is that every diplomatic effort, whether by Democratic or Republican administrations, to persuade North Korea to end its nuclear-weapons efforts has been unsuccessful. Instead of pointing fingers, responsible people in Washington, regardless of party affiliation, need to come to grips with this unpleasant reality.
Bilateral talks did the Clinton adminstration a whole lot of good. As for Hialry, she knows the media will give her a free ride, but that may not help her, since the media is not nearlu as influencial as they have been in past election cycles. North Korea is a rogue state with a leadership that is not too tightly wrapped. If ever there was a need for a missile defense system, this is proof enough. In the menatime, enough of this political nonsense. The fact speak for themselves, Mrs. Clinton and it was your husband's administration that gave away the store. - Sailor

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