Friday, May 06, 2005

Bring on Bolton

It is time for the dems, leftists, one worlders and UN ass kissers to stop obstructing the Bolton nomination as ambassador to the UN. The US needs a tough talking, no nonsense fellow at that cesspool of corruption and scandal on Turtle Bay. I, for one, do not care if Mr. Bolton may offend some ambassador from som two bit tinhorn dictatorship. It is time that some one at the UN stand up and tell the UN it is time they get their act together before they slip into total irrelevance. The New York Post expands on this in today's editorial.

And as the Democrats fiddle, the U.N. burns. In recent days, there have been more developments in one major scandal — as a new one comes to light:

* Paul Volcker refused to waive diplomatic immunity to allow Robert Parton — a member of Secretary-General Kofi Annan's commission examining Oil-for-Food — to testify before a congressional committee.

* Sources close to Parton allege that the commission quashed two draft reports highly critical of Annan.

On Wednesday, Parton — who quit the task force following the release of a whitewash report in March — responded to a House subpoena and turned over sensitive documents to the International Relations Committee.

* Michael Wilson — a former executive of Cotecna, the Swiss-based firm mired in the Oil-for-Food scandal that employed Annan's son Kojo as a consultant — is under suspicion of accepting $3.4 million in bribes in connection with a construction project undertaken by another U.N. subsidiary, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
It seems that each day a new scandal comes to light or an existing scandal deepens. How much longer will the dems and the usual suspects continue to support corruption and scandal at the UN?
Are Americans supposed to greet with a straight face the news that intelligence officials — who have gotten data wrong for years, often with tragic results — now bad mouth someone unafraid to say that maybe these guys could be wrong?

Again, this farce must end — the sooner the better— and with John Bolton's confirmation.
It is time for this obstructionism on the part of the dem/leftists to end. Bolton should be confirmed and confirmed now. - Sailor

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