Friday, May 27, 2005

More Non-Inflationary Prosperity

When Harry Reid was off whining about his perception of GOP sniping, he also complained that the economy was weak. Perhaps Harry has been too busy being obstructionist or thinking up new insults for republicans to have noticed the latest economic numbers. Lawrence Kudlow breaks some of the numbers down in his commentary.

"Actually, we are looking at non-inflationary prosperity for several more years to come. This is a good stock market scenario where the broad indices still look to be 20 to 25 percent undervalued. In policy terms the Fed has done its job by restraining inflation and President Bush’s supply-side tax cuts have reignited economic growth. The results are unmistakably positive."
While the economy is not growing at the break neck speed it once was, it is still growing at a very solid pace. Fears of increasing inflation are looking more and more unfounded. All in all good news for everyone but Harry Reid. - Sailor

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