Sunday, May 15, 2005

Clinton's Korea legacy

For the last couple of weeks, the Clintonistas, including her highness, Hillary, have been out and about trying to revise history by blaming the Bush Administration for the North Korean nukes. The spin machine is in high gear, with the Clinton's willing accomplises in the liberal MSM, letting them get away with this revisionism. An editorial in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review spells out the facts.

"Instead of taking a hard line against North Korea's nuclear ambitions, President Clinton instead played the appeasement card: In exchange for U.S. aid, Kim Jong Il in 1994 agreed to stop nuclear weapons development. And what a deal, too: 500,000 tons of fuel oil annually, millions of dollars for food, and a nuclear reactor.

But there was no means of verification. An estimated 1 million North Koreans starved to death during the U.S. aid program.

Today Democrats suggest Mr. Clinton contained the threat. That's laughable. North Korea already has admitted that it went to work on nuclear weaponry shortly after the Clinton deal.

Now it's believed by some that North Korea has nuclear weapons and reportedly is moving forward with plans for a test. And, once again, some believe appeasement is the answer."
Next time you see or hear some dem/leftist or Clintonista spouting off on how the is all Bush's fault, you will know it is unadulterated bullshit. Do make notes of the softball questions the liberal MSM will ask and also note how they will not challenge any outrages accusations made or revisionism presented. - Sailor

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