Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bolton's sin is telling truth about system

Looks like the dem/leftists, led by their big gun, Barbara Boxer, are going to stall all they can on the Bolton nomination. One report says they are even going to bring in Larry Flint to dig up dirt on Bolton. One can smell the desperation in the air. So what is Bolton's big sin? He might be too blunt for the crooks at the UN. Naturally, he also does not share the dem/leftist view of the UN. Mark Steyn gets into this in his commentary.

"Which brings me to the John Bolton nomination process, which is taking so long you'd think the U.S. Senate was run by Indonesian customs inspectors. Writing of near-Ambassador Bolton's difficulty getting his paperwork stamped by the Foreign Relations Committee, National Review's Cliff May observed that "the real debate is between those who think the U.N. needs reform -- and those who think the U.S. needs reform.''

Very true. Sen. George Voinovich, one of those "maverick Republicans" the press goes goo-goo over, seems to believe, as Cliff May puts it, "that the problem is more American 'unilateralism' than U.N. corruption, immorality, anti-Americanism and ineptitude."

On the face of it, this shouldn't be a difficult choice, even for as uncurious a squish as Voinovich. Whatever one feels about it, the United States manages to function. The U.N. apparatus doesn't. Indeed, the United States does the U.N.'s job better than the U.N. does. The part of the tsunami aid operation that worked was the first few days, when America, Australia and a handful of other nations improvised instant and effective emergency relief operations that did things like, you know, save lives, rescue people, restore water supply, etc. Then the poseurs of the transnational bureaucracy took over, held press conferences demanding that stingy Westerners needed to give more and more and more, and the usual incompetence and corruption followed."
First of all, how many of the hearing sessions did Voinovich actually attend? Next to none. We already know that the dem/leftists believe America is the problem and the UN is the solution. Talk about being out of touch with relity. The US and Australian armed forces that arrived on the scene of the tsunami, did a hell of a lot more than the UN toadies that arrived late on the scene and whined about their accomodations. In some cases, these over pampered wussies actually interfered with rescue operation.
"When rent-a-quote senators claim to be pro-U.N. or multilateralist, the tsunami operation is what they have in mind -- that when something bad happens the United States should commit to working through the approved transnational bureaucracies and throw even more "resources" at them, even though nothing will happen (Sri Lanka), millions will be stolen (Oil for Food), children will get raped (U.N. peacekeeping operations) and hundreds of thousands will die (Sudan).

John Bolton's sin is to have spoken the truth about the international system rather than the myths to which photo-oppers like the Canadian prime minister defer. As a consequence, he's being treated like a container of Western aid being processed by Indonesian customs. Customs Inspector Joe Biden and Junior Clerk Voinovich spent two months trying to come up with reasons why Bolton's paperwork is inadequate and demanding to know why he hasn't filled out his RU1-2. An RU1-2 is the official international bureaucrat's form reassuring the global community that he'll continue to peddle all the polite fictions, no matter how self-evidently risible they are. John Bolton isn't one, too. That's why we need him."
I find it so typical of the dem/leftists to not show any outrage over the UN's track record of corruption and scandal. One can only presume that they are not outraged over such behavior and see nothing that needs to be changed at the UN. The dem/leftists will be using every sleazey trick in their arsenal to sink Bolton. That alone tells me Bolton is the right man for the job. - Sailor

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