Friday, May 13, 2005

Officer: Drop Pantano Charges

The AP, via NewsMax, is reporting that the presiding officer, Maj. Mark E. Winn, of Illario Pantano's Article 32 hearing has made his recommendation. The paper work has been forwarded and Major Winn has recommended that the charges be dropped for lack of evidence. Those of us that supported Lt. Pantano, knew this all along. It is a damned shame that Pantano and his family had to go through this.

"The hearing officer has recommended that formal accusations of premeditated murder and other crimes against 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano be withdrawn, stating there is no evidence to support prosecution.

Huck will review the recommendation and decide how to continue in the case of Pantano.


Winn had been given a week after the close of the hearing April 30 to send his recommendation, but requested an extension.

"There's no timeframe for [Huck] to make a decision," Edwards said Friday. "He will carefully review the evidence and the investigating officer's recommendations before making a decision.""
Hopefully, Major Huck will act forthwith to drop the charges. Do not expect to see any of this reported in the liberal MSM. - Sailor

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