Friday, May 13, 2005

Friends of Saddam

A recently released Seanate report implicated two individuals in the UN Oil-For-Food scandal. Did you see any of that reported in the liberal, UN ass kissing media? Where are the dem/leftists and their outrage? They are too busy wringing their collective hands, worring that John Bolton might be too harsh at the UN. The Senate report names George Galloway of Great Britain and Charles Pasqua of France, who is a good pal of Jacques Chirac, as two who have allegedly profitted big time from being bribed by Saddam. Mona Charen explains in her commentary.

"In 2004, Galloway's name appeared on the list of 270 individuals, political parties and government officials who received valuable oil allocations from Saddam (and who took positions favorable to Saddam within their own governments and in the United Nations). Galloway has vociferously denied the bribery charges. But the Senate subcommittee, headed by Minnesota Republican Norm Coleman and fully backed by ranking Michigan Democrat Carl Levin, present new evidence that Galloway and a charity he founded were indeed profiteers in the Oil for Food Scandal.

Relying on information contained in the Duelfer Report, as well as documents from the Hussein-era Ministry of Oil, the subcommittee also interviewed key members of Saddam's regime, including Tariq Aziz and the former vice president of Iraq, Taha Yassin Ramadan.

According to these sources, Galloway received a total of six allocations totaling 20 million barrels of oil. When Galloway sold these allocations, he would stand to collect between 3 cents and 30 cents a barrel. I thought we were against "unfettered global capital.""
Galloway had often praised Saddam and was and has been a very vocal critic of the liberation of Iraq. Now one can see why he is and was. Saddam greased his palm big time. So here we havea another phony leftist, who put his personal wealth above principle, what a shock.
"The Senate Committee on Investigations has also pointed the finger at Charles Pasqua, former French minister of the interior (now senator) and close associate of Jacques Chirac. Pasqua argued passionately during the 1990s on behalf of lifting economic sanctions on Saddam's regime and declared that France had erred by siding with the allies in the 1991 Gulf War.

Where was U.N. oversight of all this graft? Why, in the hands of Kofi Annan, of course. Feel better? Democrats do. While one arm of the Senate was indicting Galloway and Pasqua (and by inference the United Nations itself), Democrats at the other end of the building were parading their disdain for John Bolton, whose great shortcoming appears to be insufficient adoration of the United Nations."
The French were all for lifting sanctions on Saddam because they were losing money. They saw Saddam as a bottomless purse that they could exploit. So now it turns out that one of the most voal supporters of lifting those sanctions was on the take. Once again the liberal MSM fails to do it's job. Instead the pontificate from on high about how seriously they take their duties to be the eyes and ears of the American public. When they fail to cover major news such as this, they fail the American people. Them they sit and whine about losing readership and viewers. - Sailor

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