Sunday, May 29, 2005

For Those Who Wait........Thank You

Another Memorial Day approaches and it has dawned on me that little is said about those who sit and wait on the home front, worrying about their loved ones overseas. It is their sacrifice that is all too often over looked. The wife and mother, raising the kids, dealing with what some of us consider the mundane issues of day to day life, doing this all on her own. Making those every day decisions that most married couples make together.

Let us not forget the husband that is doing the same things, while his wife is overseas, defending her family. I know I would have been beside myself trying to do those things my former wife did whilst I was Globe trotting for Uncle Sam.

We also need to remember the anguish of those moms and dads, of which I am now one, worrying about their child who is now in the military defending us here at home. I am finding that my son is always in my thoughts, even though he is stationed Stateside for now.

It is even more distressing in this day and age of instant communication, to wait at home. I can only imagine the fears and, for lack of a better word, terror, that those watching the news or reading a newspaper must feel when they see or hear of the death or injuries of our troops in the war zone. The waiting for word must be absolutely terrifying.

We all need to take some time and consider those that are waiting on the homefront. If you know some one that is, take out some time to see what you can do to help them through their day. It is the very least we can do. Even some thing as simple as dropping off a dessert or offering to take care of their children, so they can have some alone time or even just go to a movie.

To those of you that are waiting at home, I apologize for not having said some thing sooner. I thank you for your unheralded sacrifices. You are truly the backbone of our military. - Sailor

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