Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thanks, Mom: For all the sacrifices you make

Thanks, Mom:
For all the sacrifices you make

DOES ANYONE get "Mother" tattooed on his bicep anymore? Just wondering. Mothers make so many sacrifices for their children that a little permanent ink seems like a small token of appreciation. Though we bet Mom would appreciate flowers and an "I love you" even more.

It is easy to remember the little things moms do, like baking birthday cakes, kissing boo boos, and reading bedtime stories. There are the bigger sacrifices too — like giving birth. Then there are things a mom does that non-mothers tend to forget, like waking up every two hours to nurse, putting on those pregnancy pounds, and choosing the minivan instead of the convertible she really wants.

When life throws you for a loop, Mom is the one you can run to for comfort. "Nobody loves me but my mother," B.B. King sang. He was so down, he also worried, "and she could be jivin' too." But she wasn't.

Moms are amazing when you think about it. They will do things for you that no one else would do. How many other people would undergo torture just to be able to hold you in their arms, then give up their careers to stay home and hang out with you?

And what kind of thanks do moms get for all this? A store-bought card and a 20 minute phone call once a year. They deserve more than that, don't they?
How about it kids? We can do much more for mom. She deserves it. - Sailor


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