Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Democrats Can't Win When 'No!' Is Party's Dominant Message

So far, the only plan to solve the issues facing this country that the dems/leftists have put forth, is to say no to any proposals presented byt the Bush adminstration and the republicans. While 'no' may look good in the near term, even with the help of their allies in the old media, the dem/leftists will eventually be defeated at the polls. The old mesia is no longer dominant enough to place a strangle hold on information. It would be best for the dem/leftists to present some kind of plan, so at least the American people can see where each side stands with proposed solutions. Mort Kondracke takes the dems to task in his commentary.

Democrats can bask, if they wish, in President Bush's gloomy poll ratings. But it's hard to see how they will win the next election without a positive program.

So far, from Social Security to energy to judicial nominations to House ethics, the Democratic position on the leading issues of the day is: "No!"
No ideas, no plan, no proposals. The DNC is the party of no clue.
Thus far, however, Democrats have nothing to say on the matter except, "No personal accounts." And Bush, in his press conference Thursday, occupied what normally would be Democratic space by advocating measures to protect the poor from Social Security benefit cuts through "progressive indexing."

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) responded by isolating themselves into the position of advocating only tax increases as a means of keeping Social Security solvent. "Democrats stand ready to strengthen Social Security on a bipartisan basis," they said, "so that all Americans receive the guaranteed benefits they have earned." If they mean to cut no one's benefits, the only way to keep the system solvent is%2

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