Monday, April 04, 2005

Veiled Threat

One would think Islamic women would be safer in "enlightened" Europe. Sadly, that is not the case. Of course you would not know this if the MSM were your only source of information. Olivier Guitta detials some of what is happening to Islamic women in Europe in an article at Tech Central Station.

"Indeed, in some areas and regarding some issues, European Muslim women are no better off than their Arab Muslim counterparts. Here are just some examples of the abuse suffered by some European Muslim women:

- Forced to wear the hijab, i.e. headscarf
- Forced to marry someone according to the family's will
- Must undergo excision "procedure"
- Gang rapes for not "respecting" Islam
- Killed by a relative because for "dishonoring" the name of the family.

Most Muslim French women who wear the hijab are forced to do so by their family or because of pressure from the community. In many testimonies young women have stated that they were wearing it not to be "bothered" by the men in their community. There were multiple cases in the suburbs of Paris of gang rapes of women who were too "Westernized"."
I do not recall NOW or any of the other feminist groups crying out on this, or for that matter, that big mouthed feminist, Susan Estrich, either. Talk about a rekigious perversion, gang raping women for not respecting Islam. It does not get much more perverse than that.
"In a book entitled Wed By Force (Oh Editions, Paris, May 2004), Leila -- the author could not reveal her last name -- tells of her own nightmarish existence. She was raped by one of her brothers when she was quite young and did not tell anyone -- even her mother -- because she would have not been believed. She was regularly beaten up by her father because she was a little rebellious. She just wanted to behave like a girl her age but it was impossible because otherwise she would ruin the family's reputation. Like her other Muslim friends, she had to respect the law of silence. She also depicts how her family chose a husband for her. He was 15 years older than she and she does not know him.

You may guess that Leila lives in Saudi Arabia but she lives in the suburbs of Paris in 2005. She is a French citizen born in France of Moroccan parents. Unfortunately, Leila is not alone. Statistics do not lie: each year, in France, 50,000 women are wed against their will."
Again, where are the NOW gang on this? Why are they not speaking out in defense of their Isalmic "sisters"? Well, could it be that this is happening in France, that vestige of socialism many of these feminist organizations embrace?
"But this is not the worst of it, because sometimes death is the punishment. Indeed the number of "honor crimes" - where women are attacked by relatives for "shaming" the family name -- has increased alarmingly in Europe in the past year. For instance, according to the German TV Station ARD, ten "honor crimes" have been committed in Germany since summer 2004. A horrible recent one has scandalized German opinion. A Turkish Muslim woman, a 23-year-old mother of one, was gunned down at a Berlin bus stop. The presumed culprits are three of her brothers who repeatedly threatened her. For them, she led an "un-Islamic" life because she had stopped wearing the hijab and was outgoing. On top of this horrific murder, the reactions among some Turks living in Germany are disgusting. For instance, a male student of Turkish origin at a high school located near the scene of the crime, said, "She deserved what she got -- the whore lived like a German.""
Honor crimes are spreading throughout Europe and, yes, there has been at least one identified here in the US.

All in all, this is a very sobering article of the plight of Islamic women in the West. - Sailor

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