Sunday, April 10, 2005

Gang Colors Update

The saga of Raven Fubert continues. You may remember her as the 13 year old school girl that wore a red, white and blue bead necklace to school in honor of her uncle and three other relatives in the military who are fighting overseas. The Schenectady School District deems these colors to be gang oriented. This in an area that has not had any gang related activity. Raven was ordered by the school not to continue wearing her necklace or face suspension. Raven's mom has filed a federal civil rights violaton claim. here is an update from the Albany, NY TimesUnion.

"Friday, the case again boiled over when Furbert's mother, Katie Grzywna, was called to school after her daughter was threatened with in-school suspension if she didn't remove the beads.

Grzywna opted instead to take her daughter home for the day.

"This is ridiculous," she said. "If she's in an in-school suspension Monday, I'll be sitting on the hood of my car wearing a red-, white- and blue necklace from 8 to 3."

"This is an action taken by the district to punish her for standing up for her rights," added the family's lawyer, Bob Keach.

"They're enforcing an unwritten, unconstitutional policy against a 13-year-old who wants to show her patriotism.""
For more on this, go on over to Stark Truth. Also goover to my good Marine friend GOC at Obnoxious Droppings for his take on all of this. Strikes me that we have an out of control school adminstration that did notlike being challenged by a 13 year old defending her Constitutional rights. Stay tuned. - Sailor

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