Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Democrats of Mesopotamia

Much to the chagrin of the usual whiners, hand wringers, terrorist appeasers and supports, as well as leftists of allsorts, iraq has a government in place that is not a theocracy. A Kurdish president, a Sunni Speaker of the Assembly, a Shai Prime Minister and Sunni and Shia vice presidents. Imagine the horro saddam must be feeling to see a Kurd as Presidrnt of Iraq. Tony Blakely has an angle on all of this in his commentary.

"One of the other great disputes seems to have been largely resolved, at least to the extent that they have agreed on the mechanism for resolving it.The Hussein regime had expelled thousands of Kurds from their historic, oil-rich city of Kirkuk. The current tentative agreement calls for the repatriation of Kurds expelled from the city and "redrawing the administrative boundaries of the governate to its 1968 borders." That was the year that Saddam annexed pieces of Kirkuk to other Sunni governing units.

After all these human movements are completed, there will be regional referenda to determine whether they wish to be administered by Baghdad or the regional Kurdish authorities.

These would be very impressive negotiations for a mature democracy. Sens. Harry Reid and Bill Frist would be throwing their arms out slapping themselves on the back on television if they could achieve a small fraction of such agreements in the Senate this year."

It seems that democracy has taken a firm rooting in the Iraqi desert, some thing which many pundits said could not happen. So much for punditry. - Sailor

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