Thursday, April 07, 2005

saddam's Bad Day

saddam had a really bad day to today. First, a Kurd is president of Iraq and a Shia is prime minster. To top it all off, saddam saw a video of the Iraqi elections.

""He was clearly upset. He realized that it was over, that a democratic process had taken place and that there was a new, elected president," Bakhtiar Amin said.

"It was not just the fact that there was a new president, but that the president was a Kurd. What's more, it all happened without bloodshed," he said."
A Kurd as president should have saddam shaking. After all, saddam did try to exterminate the Kurds, saddam even used WMds against them. 11 of saddam's lieutenants watched the video as well. What they saw may "inspire" them to be more open and truthful when the tribunals begin.
""I feel this will affect how they respond when they go to trial," he said.

"Now they know . . . for sure that they are not coming back and my feeling is that they may be inclined to be more honest when they go before the tribunal.""
All and all, a very bad day for saddam. - Sailor

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