Friday, April 15, 2005

Democrats vow to keep blocking ethics committee

The dems in Congress continue their obstructionist ways. This time it is in the House Ethics Committee. They continue to block the Ethics Committee from meeting, claiming it is in oppostition to new ethics rules passed by the House. Seems to me this is more to keep Tom DeLay from being able to present his case before the committee. After all, politically, it is in the best interests of the idealess dems to keep Delay swinging in the wind, whilst their propagandists in the MSM continue to assault DeLay. Of course, by blocking the committee from meeting, they are protecting one of their own, Jim McDermott, who is facing ethics charges over a wiretapping incident. There is more in this article by Charles Hurt.

" "It is not about Democrats not cooperating," Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters yesterday. "It is about Republicans gutting the process to a point that any participation would be an accomplice to undermining an ethical standard in the House." "
But yes it is Ms. Pelosi. That is exactly what it is about. I find this quite amusing coming from the ethically challenged Pelosi, who has been fined $21,000.00 by the FEC for campaign violations. How come the MSM is not clamoring for her to stepdown as minority leader? Pelosi never answered the question put to her on this issue.

" About three-quarters of the way into her weekly press conference yesterday, which was dominated by ethics questions, Mrs. Pelosi tried changing the subject.

"But this is taking up too much time," she said. "I am very proud of Democrats and what they have done in town meetings across the country, inoculating the public against the unwise privatization of Social Security that the president is advocating, that they are talking in very strong words about having pay-as-you-go as our budget so that we reduce the deficit and do not further impact the solvency of Social Security."

After listing a few other planks of the Democratic agenda, she summed up by saying that the minority party wants to take America to a place "where we have accountability — accountability in our budget and accountability in our ethical standards.""

What about your accountability, Ms.Pelosi? The MSM is giving her a free ride here. Try finding information about her FEC fines by doing a google news search. Good luck.

What we have here is the dems doing what they seem to do best these days, being obstructionists and using the time they are gaining to use their usual smear tactics. It is time that they be held accountable for this. - Sailor

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