Monday, April 11, 2005

Acclaimed Cuban Medical Care a Sham

If the New York Times and those elitist Hollywood leftists were to be believed, Cuba has world class healthcare and healthcare in the US is relegated to Third World status. Turns out, just as with Canada's "vaunted" healthcare system, all this praise belies the facts. According to this article, one of Cuba's top neurosurgeons, Dr. Hilda Molina, has blown the lid off of healthcare in Cuba.

"Molina exposed Cuba's two-tier medical system that enabled rich foreigners to come in for treatment at first-class facilities in Cuba, paying in dollars, while ordinary Cubans got some of the most atrocious medical care on the planet.

According to The American Thinker magazine, Molina was seriously punished for her revelations, as well as objecting to Castro's fetal stem-cell research program on the grounds of conscience.

In the end, she lost her job, her parliament position, her livelihood and everything she'd worked for."
So, as with Healthcare Canada, as long as you have the dollars, you can have world class healthcare. In the case of Healthcare Canada, that means going to the United States for treatment (see here.
"Dr. Molina was not alone in decrying the shabby state of medical care inflicted on ordinary Cubans under Castro. The American Thinker cited a Cuban source that took on the issue head-on.

Wrote the Cuban source, "Every single time the island of Cuba and Fidel Castro's revolution are covered anywhere in the media, one of the points always mentioned is Cuba's free healthcare. You can practically time it. If it's in print, you get the lead issue in the first and second paragraph, a mention of Fidel Castro or one of his cronies in the third paragraph, and then the plug for the lauded free healthcare available to Cubans in the fourth. I don’t think I've ever read an article about Castro or Cuba where the 'healthcare' isn’t mentioned."
Can you ever remember seeing any negative articles in the leftist media on healthcare in Cuba?
""Of course, none of these 'free healthcare!' cheerleaders have ever been to a Cuban hospital. They've never been to a Cuban clinic. Hospitals and clinics serving the average Cuban, that is."

The writer then published photographs showing cockroach-infested hospital rooms: "Cockroaches. Twenty-seven of them to be exact. All swept together after having been squashed by patients and patrons of El Hospital Clinico Quirurgico de la Habana."

Other photos showed a hospital interior that would be shut down in the U.S. because of its shockingly unsanitary conditions."
You can see some of those pictures here. All in all, a rather damning piece on healthcare in Cuba, not something you will see anytime soon from the Cuba cheerleading MSM. - Sailor

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