Saturday, April 09, 2005

Now George Soros wants to Re-Write The Constitution

After spending millions of dollars to foist campaign finance reform on us, George Soros promptly found and exploited a loophole to funnel more of his millions into leftwing 527 groups, in a failed attempt to defeat the President in 2004. Now Soros is spending more millions to hold a "shadow constitutional convention" at Yale. The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy is conducting Constitution in 2020 Conference as you read this. Here are some of the topics to be discussed:

"Themes of the Conference
America in the World: This theme addresses the challenges posed by the dual issues of terrorism and globalization. Critical issues include: the tension between democracy and globalization, national security, warmaking, immigration, and the interaction of foreign law with the U.S. Constitution.
Liberties and Communities: The questions encompassed by this theme include the relationship between the Constitution and the broader social fabric of the United States, and in particular the constitutional protections provided to individuals acting alone and as members of various groups. Critical issues include: family, religion, federalism, and crime.
New Politics: This theme focuses on the challenges to democratic processes in an age of economic and technological change. Critical issues include: money in politics, voting rights, media concentration, gerrymandering, and the constitution of the public sphere in a digital age.
Social and Economic Inequality: This theme concerns the constitutional obligations of the government to protect against discrimination and to guarantee minimum standards of living. Critical issues include: the nature of constitutional equality, the causes and remedies of inequality, the disparate roles of courts and Congress in vindicating rights of equal citizenship."
It appears to me, that this is a rather leftist, internationalist agenda.

Richard Poe over at
Moonbat Central has unmasked some ot the groups and people behind this.

"Saturday, April 09, 2005

Soros Rewrites U.S. Constitution

Like the Energizer Bunny, George Soros never rests. Now he is underwriting what we can only describe as a Shadow Constitutional Convention. Hosted by Yale Law School, the two-day conference (April 8–10, 2005) bears the title, "The Constitution in 2020." It seeks to "rehabilitate" the U.S. Constitution as an instrument for fostering "progressive" change in America; to propose amendments or alterations to said Constitution; and finally to develop strategies for putting those changes into effect (hat tip, Clarice Feldman).

The conference Web site proudly announces that its sponsors are the American Constitution Society, the Yale Law School, the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program at Yale, the
Open Society Institute and the Center for American Progress.

Our colleague
Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs astutely notes that, "The `Open Society Institute' is, of course, George Soros’s tool for promoting his transnational agenda.

"Very true. But there is more. Had Mr. Johnson consulted our
DiscovertheNetwork database, he would have learned that the American Constitution Society and the Center for American Progress are also Soros-funded operations — and that all three groups coordinate their pernicious activities through Soros' Shadow Party network.

For more information, see the official "Constitution in 2020" weblog:

Posted by Richard Poe @
Eastern Time"

All in all, it looks like George Soros' fingerprints are all over this. - Sailor

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