Monday, April 11, 2005

The Left's Campaign Against Tom DeLay

Seems that the New York Times, in it's efforts to get tom DeLay, has gone over the line of journalism and dirctly into partisan politics. Of course, this would not be the first time that the Times has been in the role of shill for the DNC. Robert Novak explains in his article.

"WASHINGTON -- On March 24, former Congressman Bob Livingston was sent an e-mail by a New York Times editorial page staffer suggesting he write an op-ed essay. Would Livingston, who in 1998 gave up certain elevation to be House speaker because of a sexual affair, write about how Majority Leader Tom DeLay should now act under fire? In a subsequent conversation, it was made clear the Times wanted the prominent Republican to say DeLay should step aside for the good of the party.

Livingston in effect declined by responding that if he wrote anything for the Times, it would be pro-DeLay. But this remarkable case of that august newspaper fishing for an op-ed piece makes it appear part of a calculated campaign to bring down the single most powerful Republican in Congress. The Democratic establishment and left-wing activists have targeted DeLay as the way to end a decade of Republican control of the House."

This is not journalism, this is trolling for the DNC. Once again, the Times is busted for being a propaganda arm of the DNC. - Sailor

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