Sunday, April 17, 2005

Liberal Media Target Tom DeLay Because He's an Effective Leader

The onslaught from the dem propaganda machine, also known as the liberal MSM, continues on Tom DeLay. To date, they have presented no eveidence of any wrong doing. What they have presented, is all within the House ethics rules. In fact, what they have not presented, is how many dems have done the same thing. Nor have they taken Rep. Pelosi to task on her violations of election law, that the FEC has fined her for. Based on their so called reporting on DeLay, they should also be demanding that Pelosi step down. Have you seen any of the liberal MSM demanding that Rep. Jim (Baghdad) McDermott resign? After all Rep. Jim McDermott, the Washington Democrat who also faces ethical charges involved in the illegal taping of a Republican member's cell-phone conversation. Do not hold your breath waiting to see any of this in the liberal MSM. Former Rep. Bob Livingston, in his commentary for Human Events, points out the hypocricy that is known as the shills for the DNC.

First, let's get some indisputable facts out on the table. DeLay has been the most effective majority leader of either party in the last half century. Even with the razor-thin margins he has had to work with, when was the last time he lost a vote? His understanding of the intricacies of redistricting is legendary. The only person I know who came close was Rep. John Burton, a liberal Democrat from California whose groundbreaking use of computerized gerrymandering in the 1970s was considered clever and praiseworthy by many of the same voices who condemn DeLay for the same talents. And on a personal note, DeLay is an honorable, compassionate human being who does not deserve the current treatment he gets from much of the media.
The liberal bias of the MSM is very telling here. Praise for a liberal dem and condemnation for a conservative republican, both using the same techniques for redistricting.
Indeed, the Post articles that contain allegations and innuendo about overseas trips and political work by Christine DeLay and Dani DeLay Ferro leave much to be desired. As a co-chairman of the House Ethics Reform Task Force in the late 1990s, I am familiar with both the ethics rules and the FEC regulations at issue. Nothing I have seen so far leads me to believe DeLay--or any of the other members of both parties who went to Korea or London--violated House rules. Nor do I believe allowing a politically talented wife and daughter to work on one's political campaign is problematic. If I have somehow missed a major rules change, then a number of senators and representatives of both parties should immediately call their lawyers--many of them have wives, sons or daughters in paid roles with their campaigns or political action committees.
There is nothing illegal about any of this, though you would not know it from the Post and Times reporting. You can see a partial listing of others in Congress that have doe the same thing here.
As now widely reported, I have recent experience with the attack dog mentality at the Times. When a representative of "All the News That's Fit to Print" called me, the message was immediately obvious. The Times contacted my office fishing for a leading Republican to write a negative op-ed that would call for DeLay's resignation. When I responded that any op-ed would likely be in defense of DeLay, the response was, "We'll certainly consider it." But the clear implication was, "Good luck. It'll never see the light of day."

It appears that the press corps has decided that DeLay, for his opinions, his intensity, his effectiveness and his leadership skills, should be the next journalistic scalp in their trophy case.
If the Times had compelling and irrefutable evidence of wrong doing by DeLay, why the need for an Op-Ed piece from a prominent Republican to trash Delay? Could it be because they have nothing? The MSM wonders why they are losing readers and viewers. It is unabashed partisanship such as this, that has many people turning to other souces of information. Seems they have yet to learn the lessons of Rathergate. As for the dems, since they have nothing to offer for dealing with the issues this country is facing, they have resorted to this type of gutter politics. - Sailor

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