Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mexican cops warn migrants at border

It's about damned time that this has happened. Perhaps this should become a permanent thing. Of course, these "officials" and assorted others have been telling tall tales that the members of the Minuteman Project will hurt these illegals. Nothing could be further from the truth, but then again how often do leftists tell the truth? There is more in this article by Jerry Seper.

"The Mexicans are telling the prospective border crossers that Minuteman Project protesters will hurt them when they enter Arizona, and also are moving the migrants away from the zone being patrolled by the protesters.

The Mexican government has been distributing a red flier headlined "¡Peligro!" meaning "danger," and featuring an icon of two crossed rifles. The flier warns readers that hundreds of "vigilantes," whom it says could be armed but are not part of the U.S. Border Patrol, will guard that segment of the border 24 hours a day all month."
A word of advice here to these Mexicans: Keep your people in Mexico by ending the corruption that pervades your government. Make your economy function and provide a decent standard of living for your people. That is the responsibility of your government.
"Enrique Enriques Palafox, a commander of Grupo Beta, a Mexican government-funded humanitarian organization, said his group wants to protect the migrants and is willing to "terrify" them into delaying their journey.

"We know [the Minuteman volunteers] are armed and our job is to protect migrants," said Bertha de la Rosa, a coordinator for Grupo Beta, which yesterday loaded pickup trucks with migrants on the Mexican side of the border and relocated them.

A Mexican official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, yesterday said migration from Mexico has dropped by 50 percent along the 20-mile stretch of border that is being monitored by about 200 Minuteman volunteers."
They are not migrants, they are people attempting to break the law by trying to enter the US illegally. It is really a shame that it is taking action by American citizens to stem the flow of illegal aliens into this country.
""It doesn't matter whether the reason is that we are on the border or that the Mexican government has clamped down on their side because of us," Minuteman organizer Chris Simcox said.

"The object of our protest was to show that a presence on the border would significantly impact on the number of people crossing into the United States," he said.

"I think it is clear we have already shown that to be true," said Mr. Simcox, a newspaper publisher and founder of the Civil Homeland Division organization in Arizona."
Clearly, the Minuteman Project is having a very significant impact on the numbers of illegals entering the US. They are doing the job that the US government should be doing. - Sailor

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