Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Annan Threatened: Pay My Bills Or I'll Spill the Beans

It would seem that Kofi Annan has more troubles. Benon Sevan, who is the subject of investingation by the UN and US, has sent a letter to Kofi, demandin that the UN pay his legal bills or else. Stewart Stogel sheds some light on this in his article.

Volcker has publicly complained that Sevan has "been less than forthcoming" during his panel's investigation into the multi-billion dollar scandal.

Currently, Sevan enjoys "functional immunity" - U.N.-speak for diplomatic immunity.

Annan, however, has pledged to remove such immunity if any U.N. staffer is indicted for criminal activity or found to be obstructing the Volcker investigation.

If Sevan does indeed have new information - information kept from the Volcker investigation - that may prompt Annan to revoke his diplomatic shield before any criminal indictment, confirmed the U.N. official.

NewsMax has leaned that in addition to the U.N. investigation, Sevan is also the target of an Internal Revenue Service probe into possible tax evasion.

Neither Sevan Nor his legal team would comment on the recent turn of events.
The question becomes what does Sevan know, when did he know it and who does it involve? Will Kofi Annan lift Sevan's immunity? This will certainly be interesting to follow. - Sailor

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