Friday, April 22, 2005

Gen. Peter Pace Nominated to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

President Bush today nominated Marine Gen. Peter Pace, to replace retiring Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As the Predisdent said in his remarks, Americans know that Marine is really shorthand for 'can do'. Pace was alos born in Brooklyn, which can only add the tenacity that is emblematic of Brooklynites. I have had quite a few dealings with Marines over the years. Some were your basic barroom brawls, some were in combat. In both cases, I have the greatest admiration and respect for the Marines, though I still would not want my daughter to marry one.

Bush said that his most sacred duty is to protect the American people and that choosing the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is one of the most important decisions the commander in chief makes.

“The first thing America needs to know about Pete Pace is that he is a Marine,” Bush said at the White House. “To the American people, ‘Marine’ is shorthand for ‘can-do,’ and I’m counting on Pete Pace to bring the Marine spirit to these new responsibilities.”

Pace said the task ahead of him is exhilarating and humbling. “It’s exhilarating because I have the opportunity … to continue to serve this great nation,” he said. “It’s humbling because I know the challenges ahead are formidable, but I have great faith in our ability to meet those challenges.”

Pace said the reason he has such confidence is “that we have the world’s best young men and women serving in our armed forces. Active, Guard, Reserve, civilian -- they simply deliver every time our nation calls.”
No matter what those on the far left may think or spew, those who serve in our military are indeed our best young men and women.
Bush noted that under the glass on Pace’s desk, the general keeps a photo of Lance Cpl. Guido Farinaro, the first Marine Pace lost in combat during Vietnam.
The true measure of any commander is how he views they loss of those under his command. Peter Pace more then passes muster. - Sailor

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