Monday, April 04, 2005

Six Iraqis Detained on Mexican Border

Here is some thing that should scare you. Six Iraqi's have been detained in Mexico for having forged passports. These people were trying to enter the US using conventional means, albeit with forged passports. One can only imagine how many are trying to infiltrate into the US by other means. Here is some more from the article.

"The men were carrying Dutch passports under the names of Richard Richters, who Mexican officials say is Yacer Yoser Hana; Mikel Leewen, who turned out to be Basam Kiryakous; Jan Pieter Drijfhout, who is Basam Toma Jou and Robert Schurtman, whose real name is Sabham Kamel.

"Once in custody they told authorities they intended to sneak into the United States," Sarabia said. "They said they started their journey in Greece, traveled to Spain and then to Mexico City.""
Seems they were able to get away with the forged passports in Europe.
"Also Tuesday, soldiers detained two Iraqi men traveling on Greek passports at a roadside checkpoint near Mexicali.

The two men were traveling aboard a bus bound for Mexicali. However, the photo on one of the men's passport's had been altered; he was also held pending charges, while the other man was held pending deportation."
Another European connection.

We realy need to domore to secure our southern border. The Minuteman Project is a start. The feds need to get off their collective asses and start being more pro-active. - Sailor

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