Monday, April 11, 2005

More funny business in the Washington governor's race.

We keep hearing about supposed election day irregularities from the dems and the left. Of course, they offer no proof other then flawed exit polls. But never do you hear them mention the election fiasco in Washington State. Of course, that is because their candidate won after two recounts and some mysteriously appearing "uncounted" votes. John Fund has a few things to comment on in his article.

"The infamous 2004 governor's race was finally decided seven weeks after the election, after King County officials found new unsecured ballots on nine separate occasions during two statewide recounts. After the new ballots were counted, Democrat Christine Gregoire won a 129-vote victory out of some three million ballots cast. Even as she was sworn in last January, King County election supervisor Dean Logan admitted it had been "a messy process."

He wasn't kidding. During the two recounts, Mr. Logan's office discovered 566 "erroneously rejected" absentee ballots, plus another 150 uncounted ones that turned up in a warehouse. Evidence surfaced that dead people had "exercised their right to vote"; documentation was presented that 900 felons in King County alone had illegally voted and that military ballots were sent out too late to be counted (emphasis mine). A total of 700 provisional ballots had been fed into voting machines before officials had determined their validity. In the four previous November elections, King County workers had never mishandled more than nine provisional ballots in a single election."
Considering the number of questionable ballots cast and the margin of victory, there is ample reason for a new election. Do note that once again, the military has been disenfranchised. You never hear kerry whine about that, or for that matter, clinton and the rest of the military hating left.
"Stefan Sharkansky, a computer engineer who runs, a comprehensive blog on the election debacle, uncovered the errors in King County's absentee voter report through a state Public Disclosure Act request. He has filed additional requests for the audit trail created by King County election officials to handle all the ballots. He was told he would have the records delivered by March 31, but that date has slipped to April 15. Mr. Sharkansky reports that date may now move again because "county officials are scrambling to explain their latest mistakes and say they may not have time to answer my request." Let's hope they do before next month's trial."
I have been recommending Sound Politics to anyone interested in the shenanigans going on in Washington State. This is a real travesty and it needs to be fixed! - Sailor

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