Saturday, October 27, 2012


So it begins.  Dems are busing Somalis to polling places and telling them how to vote!  What ever happened to the requirement that a person had to show a proficiency in English to become a citizen?  According to the article, eye witnesses observed the dem interpreters instructing the Somalis to vote brown which meant to vote the dem line.  There were no republican interpreters around.

This brings up the question if the voter cannot speak any English, what is their citizenship status.  Just another reason for voter ID laws!


  1. Mary Himlin2:45 PM

    So the big question is WHAT is going to be done about it? If Republicans had pulled this illegal crap, there would be a lockdown of the poll, the machines and people would be taken out in handcuffs. The MSM is going to ignore this, or brush it off as an isolated event.

    I'm surprised the panthers aren't escorting them in. Hoping the talk shows pick it up and run with it.

  2. As well as the MSM demanding action. We will not hear from them on this one.