Thursday, October 11, 2012


In a lame attempt to deflect criticism of mishandling of the Benghazi terrorist attacks, proven liar Stephanie Cutter, is blaming Romney/Ryan for this being an issue.  The fact that the Obama administration misled the American people for political purposes is the reason this is a political issue.

The failure of this administration and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to provide adequate protection for our Ambassador and the consulate in Benghazi is the issue.  It is an issue of failed leadership. 

When Romney criticized the embassy in Cairo for issuing an apology for a video that had little to do with the rioting there, he was roundly condemned.  Turns out he hit the nail on the head.  Then Obama and Clinton spent $70,000 of taxpayer money to run ads in Pakistan, apologizing for this idiotic video.  

Ambassador Rice then hit all the Sunday news shows claiming it was all over this video.  Jay Carney did his best Baghdad Bob imitation, claiming the same thing for days.  In the meantime, Obama and Biden continued to take victory laps on the killing of bin Laden.  I do not know about you, but I saw the signs in English and Arabic, claiming that there were 1.5 billion Osamas at all these demonstrations and riots in the Muslim world.  Could it be that all this spiking of the ball was one of the reasons, along with the anniversary of 9/11 for these riots and not so much some stupid video?

What we have here is an administration that has claimed, through their efforts, al Qaeda is all but gone and the Muslims will be so much more friendly to us.  They decided to cover up what happened or they would have to admit their Middle East policy is a failure, which it is.

Spin this all you want Cutter, but the fact is Obama has failed and this terrorist attack that killed four Americans falls squarely on the shoulders of this administration's failed policies.


  1. Great post! Ms. Cutter has become a sick excuse for a political ally of the Nobama team!

  2. Thank you Dotty.