Tuesday, October 09, 2012


The Romney post debate bounce continues.  Romney now leads in Ohio by 1%,  Quite frankly, I believe the margin is wider as this poll has 42% democrats, 33% republicans and 25% independents.  Rasmussen, is showing Romney up by 2% in the swing state poll.  This cannot be good news for the Obama campaign.

The Washington Times is reporting that a Sienna Research Institute poll has Romney trailing Obama by just 3% in PA, with 12% undecided.  A PPP survey found Romney trailing by 2% in WI.  It should be noted that PPP is a democrat polling organization.  

Things must be getting desperate for Obama supporters as they are now defacing Romney signs in VA. 

There is also a report that there may be a big shake up at Obama campaign headquarters.

All in all some good news for Romney/Ryan! 

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