Saturday, October 06, 2012


First it was Plouffe  claiming it was all because Romney was lying.  Then the grand ans wondrous Al Gore claimed it was altitude.  One would think that the smartest man ever to be President would have figured that one out.  Next came the racists over at MSNBC trying to play the race card, claiming Obama did not want to look like as "angry black man".  Naturally, the proven liar, Stephanie Cutter, blaming poor Jim Lehrer.

Now the Obama administration is blaming John Kerry for not "channeling Romney's aggressiveness".  

Seems to me this version of the Obama campaign is acting like the Keystone Kops.  It has been Obama's way to blames anyone and anything for his self inflicted woes.  As far as I can tell, this is the first time Obama has had a record to defend, which cannot be defended, as it is pathetic and failed.  Nor did it help Obama that Romney was well prepared and ready for the debate.  Romney had facts and was able to turn back all the falsehoods and exaggerations on his plans.  All in all, a major win for Romney.

It would behoove Obama to admit he was unprepared and uninterested in this debate. It was as if Obama felt it was beneath him to debate.


  1. Mary Himlin9:20 PM

    I see where he is headed for another celebrity fundraise with Katy Perry et al - oh, my, guess he will have to miss yet another security briefing.

  2. He will snarl traffic there and considering what a gallon of gas costs in CA, they will not be happy!