Monday, October 15, 2012


According to Sherman Frederick of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Harry Reid has been waging a war against Nevadans.  He points out three different situations to make his point.

Pumpkin Hollow Copper Project - This would have provided 800 jobs for a state that has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.  The City of Yerington needed to purchase about 10,400 acres of federal land.  Yerington sought legislation to do this and it passed the House 232 - 188.  So where is this legislation now?  Harry is sitting on it and when he gets around to it, it should contain a rider for a wilderness area.  No one knows why.

Nevada Clean Coal Power Plants - Two 1,500 megawatt clean coal power plants were slated to be built near Ely, Nevada.  This would have created 1,200 construction jobs and 200 permanent jobs.  Harry stopped the project, insisting that Nevada Power go to far more expensive renewable sources.

ENN Mojave Energy - Harry and the Feds gave some 1 billion dollars of taxpayer money to a firm owned by Communist China.  This project created 136 jobs in Nevada at a cost of $735,000 per job.  The original plan was for this to be built in Nevada and the energy sold to California.  California said no to the deal, so Harry tried to force Nevada Energy to buy the energy from his commie buddies and in doing so, close down two coal fired plants.  It should be noted that Harry's son is the lawyer for ENN.

I agree with Frederick that Harry Reid is screwing the citizens of Nevada.  In my opinion, Harry is just trying to pad his pockets and Nevadans be damned!

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