Thursday, October 04, 2012


It is clear to me, along with many others, that Romney was a clear winner in this debate and it was not even close.  For the first time Obama actually had to defend is dismal record and that sent Obama back on his heels.  Romney was aggressive, without being disrespectful, was well prepared and engaged, and knew his factsHe also took Obama and his campaign to task on the falsehoods they have been spreading on Romney's plans.   

Obama was flat, on the defensive and had a look that conveyed to me, that he really did not want to be there.  His answers were mostly the campaign talking points.  As for Lehrer, he did try to be fair, though it was not easy and his preference for Obama did leak through at times.  Romney would not let Lehrer get away with cutting him off.  

Naturally, the Obama campaign and die hard supporters claimed that nothing change as far as moving voters.  The Hollywood left was particularly adamant that the debate  did not change their vote.  Here is a flash for them, the debates are not about changing the minds of hard core supporters, they are about moving the soft supporters and undecideds, along with independents to the candidate's side.  Most of the left would still support Obama if they saw him murder some one. 

Here is what many on the left had to say about the debate.

Just a note to some of the hollywood types.  Joy Behar called Romney a liar.  Ok Joy, prove it.   As for Sammy Jackson, who said no ones' vote were changed, obviously he did not see the focus group of undecideds and how many of them moved to the Romney side.

Those in the Obama campaign, whined about how hard Romney prepared, which just gives you a further insight to their thoughts that hard work is evil and unfair!  Of course they also claimed Romney was lying.

There were several excellent analysis of the Romney debate victory.  Here are some links so you can read them at your leisure.

All in all it was a very good night for Romney and a rather bad night for Obama.  I look for the Axelrod machine to start trying to throw out dirt and try to spin what Romney said.  

For those of you who wish to see more articles on the debate, I suggest you go to Real Clear Politics.


  1. Mary Himlin3:36 PM

    I have to get to the links later on.

    My feelng on Leherer was that he was purposely trying to coach Obama along - but the ploy did not work - Romney did not let him run over him like a tractor gone wild. Libs will be libs - MadCow exclaimed that they would "get something on Romney"; Ed Schultz proclaimed that the ONLY reason Obama did not fight back - and he DID have facts (sic) - what he did not want to be perceived as an "angry black man" - - - all in all, a shining moment for Mitt and for this country.

    1. I thought people might want to take their time reading through the links. Your comment is spot on!