Thursday, October 18, 2012


I thought Mitt Romney did well in this debate, considering he had to not only debate Obama, but also had to deal with Candy Crowley, who is obviously in the Obama camp.  Not only did she interrupt Romney 28 times, she also played fact checker on the Libyan  question and got it wrong,  She had to retract that, after the debate. Just as a point of information, the White House contradicts Obama and Crowley.  CNN later issued a defense of Crowley, saying she was superb as the moderator.  CNN merely confirmed that they to, are in the tank for Obama.

Quite frankly, Crowley threw Romney off with her incorrect defense of her tin god on this issue.  Obama still has not called what happened in Benghazi a terrorist attack. Romney also missed some other opportunities such as not challenging Obama on the Lily Ledbetter Act.  I would have wanted to know why the Obama White House pays women 18% less than men. Also, Romney should not ask Obama questions that Romney did not provide the answer first.

As for Obama, the only way he could have done worse than the first debate, would have been if he did not show up.  He did manage to get Romney's 47% comments in, but in a some what underhanded way, by injecting it into his closing statement, which Romney could not defend.

By now, we have all hears the arguments from the pundits, analysts and assorted others on who did better or won this debate.  As far as I am concerned, their opinions are of no consequence.  The folks that matter, the undecided voters, tell us that Romney was the winner.


  1. Mary Himlin12:39 PM

    The focus group - which was in your neck of the woods - basically swayed towards Romney. 'Bama got caught in many lies, esp. the oil drilling permit lie, the biggest one, the Bengazi lie, which by now is the biggest, twisted web of deceit ever. Crowley should be fired, should have been years ago, but CNN is what it is, so that will never take place.

    You knew the 47% issue would come up, and that one is still being stretched out of proportion.

    Not a debate - but I thought Mitt was THE shining star at the dinner last night in NYC; judging from the response fromthe audience, I do not think I am incorrect.

  2. I actually received an e-mail from the Luntz group to fill out the questionnaire to participate. I was honest answering it and they only wanted undecideds!

  3. Mary Himlin3:12 PM

    Interesting! I have to respect your integrity, Mark, but it would have been great to have seen you in the group.

    Now, on to round three, or is four?