Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There has been a load of good news for Mitt Romney over the last few days.  A projection of election results has it for Romney, 52-45.  The latest Rasmussen poll for Ohio has Romney up 2 for the first time.  Romney continues to be over 50% in the Gallup polls.

As for endorsements, most of the newspapers have made their endorsements as expected, with the major exception of the Des Moines  Register, which for the first time in 40 years endorsed a republican, Mitt Romney.   The Obama campaign took this endorsement for granted.  This is evidenced by Stephanie Cutter, claiming the endorsement was not based in realityAs for early voting, Gallup is showing a 22 point drop for Obama from 2008.  Now Reuters is questioning how important Ohio really is.

Fat Mikey Moore and Moveon.org have produced an internet video featuring foul mouthed seniors making threats against Romney and otherwise lambasting republicans.  Be warned that the language here is very sailor like.  Another ad exploits children who sing about how their parents voted for Romney and destroyed their world.  

You feel and smell the desperation in the Obama camp.  As we get closer to election day, expect the worst from the Obama campaign. 


  1. Mary Himlin4:08 PM

    That child chorus propaganda is chilling - it reminds one of the children of North Korea who are forced to sing Great Leader's praises, young totally indoctrinated zombies. Just look at the expressions of the anti-Romney kid singers - look like they are on xanax??

  2. It is despicable!