Sunday, October 28, 2012


hattip: Halle

Doug Hagmann, in an article in the Canada Free Press, has revealed what he believes is the real reason for the Benghazi cover up.  His sources tell him that the reason Ambassador Stevens went to Benghazi with minimal security was to have a meeting with his Turkish counterpart because a covert operation to send arms to the Syrian rebels via Turkey and other countries had been compromised by the Russians.

The Russians are big supporters of Assad and there is speculation in the article that the attacks in Benghazi were conducted by Iranians at the behest of Russia.  Russia would not want to be involved in military operations against US forces.  As many as three teams of Iranians may have been involved here.   

The political ramifications for the Obama administration are staggering.  If Iran were involved here, the American people would demand retaliation and Obama has been very soft on Iran, especially during the "Green Revolution" in Iran, when Obama by default supported the mullahs.  

While this article sheds some light onto what happened in Benghazi, it does not excuses the administration's failure to send troops to rescue our people.  There are rumors that two generals were relieved of their commands, one specifically for having a strike force preparing to go into Benghazi.  I will have more on this as soon as I can confirm some details.

Read the article and judge for yourself.  Comments are very welcome here or on Facebook. 

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