Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Just how dumb is this idea?  The President of the Cook County Board of Supervisors wants a "violence" tax on all firearms and ammunition sold in Cook County.  Toni Preckwinkle actually thinks this tax will reduce violence.  Her Chief of Staff, Kurt Summers, claims this tax will reduce the number of guns on the streets.  He also states that 1/3 of the guns recovered on Chicago streets were purchased in suburban gun shops.

Do these two really believe that those weapons were legally purchased by criminals, gang bangers and other miscreants?   If they do I have some great swamp land in Florida to sell them.

What this is, is a money and power grab.  The only people that will be impacted by this tax, will be law abiding citizens who can actually pass the background checks.  

Chicago has a history of claiming that the Second Amendment does not apply to the cities and states.  It took the Supreme Court in MacDonald v. The City of Chicago, Illinois  which finally affirmed that the Second Amendment applies to the several states and cities therein.  

This tax will do nothing to reduce the horrendous crime and murder rates in Chicago.  Only strict enforcement of current laws will help.


  1. MaryHimlin3:15 PM

    Ok - how about a violence tax on knives? On fire place pokers? On letter openers? I could go on with the items that CAN be used as lethal weapons in the hands of someone predisposed to violence.

    1. How about motor vehicles? Look at all the carjackings and resultant high speed chases that endanger people.