Wednesday, October 03, 2012


The Office of Management and Budget(OMB) is promising to pay the legal costs of any company that violates the WARN Act.  The WARN Act requires employers to warn employees 60 days before mass layoffs.  With sequestration looming, several defense contractors are mulling sending out those notices.  The Obama campaign is very worried over the impact of mass layoff notices going out, especially is swing states such as Virgina, where thousands of jobs could be at stake.  

Instead of leading and working with Congress to resolve this issue, Obama is too busy campaigning and fund raising.  Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan would be getting sequestration resolved.  

As with anything this administration does there are strings attached.  In order to be eligible for taxpayer reimbursement, the companies that choose to violate the WARN Act, have to follow the Department of Labor guidance, what ever it is.  Who knows what that will be.  

Just some friendly advice to Lockheed management and stockholders:  Should sequestration happen and mass layoffs occur, I seriously doubt Lockheed will see a penny of taxpayer money to reimburse for the legal costs.  Several law makers are on record saying they will block any funds for that purpose.  The fallout of the lawsuits could potentially bankrupt Lockheed Martin. 

 As a side note, where is the MSM on this?  This is just another case of the MSM protecting Obama.  Had George W. Bush proposed this, the MSM would be in a lather!

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