Sunday, October 14, 2012


Our friends over at Powerline have put together a solid blog from State Department's transcript of the briefing on what happened in Benghazi.  According to the transcript, there was no spontaneous demonstration, still UN Ambassador Susan Rice claimed it was a spontaneous riot over some dumb video.  It seems clear that some one told Rice what to say.  The question is who told her?  It appears that thew State Department did not buy into this scenario.

It looks like there is going to be a blame game between the White House and State Department.  You can bet that the Clintons' are not going to allow Obama to place the blame on Hilary, as she still has hopes for a 2016 run for the White House.

So now it seems that Obama and Clinton will try and place blame on the intelligence community.  Old Joe Biden claims that they did not know more security was requested.  That would lay at the feet of State and Hilary.  

What I want to know is why the scene of this attack was never secured.  Why did it take the FBI three weeks to investigate the scene?  What ever evidence might have been there was surely compromised!

If Obama continues to try and blame State, you can be sure the Clintons' will some how find a way to toss it right back at Obama. 



  1. Mary Himlin6:08 PM

    I knew the day would come when Hit-lary and 'Bama would totally be at each others' throats. So tragic that it took a massacre like this to get the pot really boiling. I always had my suspicious as to why she was chosen to be his secretary of state - - when the time came? - he could get his revenge by throwing her under the bus maybe?

  2. She is not really qualified to be SecState, but Obama wanted to keep his enemies closer.

  3. Mary Himlin8:48 PM

    That is what I was driving at, agree. Remember what Eisenhower said about MacArthur, wasn't it? He'd rather have him inside the tent pi--ing out than outside, pi--ing in.

  4. Ike was right! MacArthur thought he was the second coming at times.