Friday, October 05, 2012


The numbers from the BLS are, too say the least, contradictory.   The numbers from the household survey are showing a significant increase in employed people.  Here are some of the questions the BLS asks for the household survey:

The number of employed Americans comes from a government survey of 60,000 households that determines the unemployment rate. The government asks a series of questions, by phone or in person. For example:
Do you own a business? Did you work for pay? If not, did you provide unpaid work for a family business or farm? (Those who did are considered employed.)

If you are without work and help a friend or relative at their business, for no pay, the BLS considers you employed!  Remember when Bush had his jobless recovery?  The MSM told us all to be wary of the household survey, because it was accurate.  Now they take is as gospel.  The Establishment Survey shows only 114,000 jobs created.  The Establishment Survey  covers 1 out of 3 employers. 

The BLS is reporting, after upward revisions to July and August employment numbers, that 837,000 people found work, but 582,000 were part time jobs.  

Meanwhile the labor participation rate has fallen from 66.1% in 2008 to 63.6% in September.  

Table A-15 at BLS, (hattip:Gary), shows unemployment, underemployment and those only marginally attached to the workforce still at 14.7%.

The numbers simply do not work out!  Is this an effort to boost Obama?  Seems two of the BLS economists have donated to the  Obama campaign. 

I leave that for you to decide.


Wanted to add this link from my friend Sheree, this is very frightening!


  1. Mary Himlin5:42 PM

    And some of the added jobs are temporary, seasonal - ie; time for Christmas help - these jobs will evaporate after the election.

    1. Also add phantom jobs as I noted above about working for no pay helping a friend or relative with a business or farm considers you as employed.