Friday, June 17, 2005

The War on Terror is not a popularity Contest

To hear the usual suspects rant and rave on Gitmo, one would think that we are engaged in a war on image instead of a war on terrorism. With the left's usual knee jerk response to that phony Amnesty International report claiming that Gitmo is a "gulag", the left and a few on the right are all in a rush to close Gitmo. Amnesty International provided no evidence in their so called report and some of their officials freely admit that they have no evidence to support their allegations. None. Then their is Dirtbag Dick Durbin going way over the top with heinous comparisons to Nazi Germany, Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia and the very real gulags that the Soviets created. Do tell us, Dirtbag Durbin, how many are in slave labor or have died at Gitmo? Diana West has much to say on this in her commentary.

"And so what if closing Gitmo lets hundreds of jihadists out of their prison cages and into their terror cells? "Sure, a few may come back to haunt us," writes Mr. Friedman. But whatever. The point is, being haunted, which presumably requires some additional number of American dead to do the haunting, is apparently a risk worth taking in order to win the war.
Not, though, the so-called war on terror. It seem there's a been a change in plan. Islamic jihad is out. The war on "image" is in. And, according to the anti-Gitmo-nists, we'regetting creamed. Go figure: "They" kill people over a soggy Koran, and "we" lose the image war and all over the world, according Mr. Hagel. He thinks closing Guantanamo is the only way to win World Image War I. That's because closing the detention center would "give us a clean slate in the Muslim world," as Nancy Pelosi said, revealing an ignorance of history so vast and untamed that facts alone would perish there. Clean slatelike on September 10.
Projecting power is not the same thing as winning a popularity contest. Nor is winning a popularity contest the same thing as winning hearts and minds at home where it really counts, or abroad which seems to be another point of desperate confusion. But in our poll-driven age of celebrity worship, the popularity contest is becoming the preferred forum for geopolitics, a kind of "Survivor"-slash-"Do You Want to be a Superpower?" reality show for world leaders. If this is the case, by all means go for that "clean slate" and close Gitmo. Miss Congeniality would do the same. But don't stop there."

Perhaps Mr. Friedman would not be so cavelier if one of those released that might come back to haunt us, planted a bomb at the New York Times offices. Better yet, perhaps Tom would want to show his remorse for all the "evil" treatment one of these muderous scumbags received at Gitmo, by taking him into his home. Maybe Dirtbag Durbin would do the same. Some how I doubt old Tommy and Dirtbag Durbin would do that. As for a clean slate, how delusional is Pelosi? Do you think that the US will ever have a clean slate with these demented distorters of Isalm? This is not a popularity contesdt people,this is a war. Those detained at Gitmo. took up arms against this country. Perhaps they should have thought abot the consequences before they did that. Or maybe, they have been listening to the likes of Pelosi and thought there would be no consequences. - Sailor

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