Thursday, June 16, 2005

U.S. military: Al Qaeda leader in Mosul captured

The capture of the number one terrorist in Mosul, is being reported by CNN OnLine. Here is another of those "brave" ready to be martyrs, that surrendered withouta fight. You would think that some of his followers would figure out that a good deal of their leadership is not at all ready to become a martyr for Allah, as they are urfing their followers to become.

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The U.S. military on Thursday reported the capture of a man described as al Qaeda's leader in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Donald Alston identified him as Abu Talha -- whose actual name is Muhammad Khalaf Shakar -- and said he was captured on Tuesday.

"Talha has been one of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's most trusted operations agents in Iraq," Alston said. "This is a major defeat for the al Qaeda organization in Iraq."

"Numerous reports indicated he wore a suicide vest 24 hours a day and stated that he would never surrender. Instead, Talha gave up without a fight," Alston said.

Talha surrendered to multinational forces in a quiet neighborhood in Mosul, Alston said, after information from Iraqi civilians contributed to his capture.

Civilians providing such information indicates they are taking steps against the "increasingly unpopular insurgency," he said."

One that were dedicated to the "cause", would surely have blown himself up, instead of surrendering so meekly. The other important part of this article, is how Iraqi civilians provided the intel necessary to capture this scumbag. It seems that the only ones rooting for these thugs these days are the usual leftist suspects and perhaps Dick Durbin. The Iraqi people have their first taste of freedom and are not going to continue to turn a blind eye to these mostly foreign terrorists. Chalk up another win for the good guys. - Sailor

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