Friday, June 03, 2005

Fallujah Rises from the Ashes

As far as the MSM is concerned, Fallujah is nothing more then a large pile of rubble. Naturally, you heard all about how the Marines in their quest to root out Zarqawi and his thugs, leveled Fallujah. What you have not heard or ead about in the MSM, and lilkey will not, is how Fallujah has risen from the ashes, much like the mythical Pheonix. The schools and hospitals are open and functioning, though they are crowded. Open air markets are thriving, vendors are out an about selling candies and ice cream. Still not a word on this from the leftist MSM, except of course, to make their obligatory Vietnam comparisons. Michael Fumento provides a look at what is happening in Fullajah.

"Fallujah, Iraq – Critics of the attack on Fallujah last November often invoked the damning (and mythical) utterance from Vietnam: "We had to destroy the village to save it." Never mind that the alternative to the massive assault on the city backed by artillery, tanks, and aircraft would either be a huge loss of American lives or simply allowing the al-Qaida cut-throat al-Zarqawi to keep it as the terrorist headquarters for all of Iraq. Forget that the city was already crumbling from the neglect of Saddam Hussein's regime. Today Fallujah is on the mend and then some, a symbol of renewal and American-Iraqi cooperation.

Although the area is still "red" – meaning hostile – as is all of the predominantly Sunni Anbar province, the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force is extending power lines and laying water and sewage pipes at a steady pace. Rubble and explosive ordinance – some left over from the fighting and some freshly laid by the insurgents – is being removed. Schoolhouses and hospitals are being fixed and erected. As a bonus, military-age males (known by the abbreviation "MAM") are receiving good wages to build things instead of blowing up people. "

First, take note of the byline location, Fallujah, not Baghdad from the relative safety of the "Green Zone". Mr. Fumento was boots on the ground in Fallujah and is giving you a eye witness account. The Marines are working with the Iraqi people, to get life back to as close to normal as possible.

"There are already enough schools and hospitals to serve the entire community, but they're overcrowded and far from ideal. Everything fixable has or is being repaired and new modern facilities are going up.

Iraqis are renowned for their engineering skills; the military encourages them and not only to make better structures. "The idea is that sooner or later they have to do these kinds of projects by themselves," says Hibner.

Do the insurgents interfere with the reconstruction efforts, I asked? They don't dare," says Williams. "They know if they screw with electricity, water, or sewer systems the people will get angry."

"We're certainly not trying to turn this into the equivalent of an American city," says Williams. "But it will be first class for an Iraqi one and that's going to win the hearts and minds of the people." From the smiles, the thumbs up, the waves, and the cries of "Hello!" in Arabic I got from the children in even the worst parts of the city, I'd say they're being won."

Instead of just retuning Fallujah back to how it was, the plan it to give Fallujah what it needs, not what it had. Improvement, not just repair. Even the thugs know better then to try and mess things up in Fallujah. Of course the presence of the Marines that sounldy kick their collective asses does serve as a powerfull deterrent. The MSM at one time comapred the Fallujah offensive to the TET offensive. The problem is that like TET, Fallujah was a major defeat for the Zarqawi mob. As I stated at the top of this item, the MSM has not said word one on this. Of course, it does not fit with their agenda. tomake the US and the US military look as bad as possible. I will continue to post good news from Iraq as I find good news of interest. - Sailor

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