Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Byrd Going South in West Virginia?

Robert (KKK) Byrd is up for re-election in 2006. Byrd, who is 87, may be facing the battle of his political life against GOP Rep. Shelley Moore Capito. Dick Morris explains in his commentary.

"He’s up for election in 2006, and the latest polling in West Virginia indicates that an attack of sanity and judgment may, at last, be hitting an electorate that has routinely elected the 87-year-old Byrd to the Senate eight times with never less than 59 percent of the vote. A survey by RMS Strategies, a West Virginia firm, shows Byrd barely ahead of Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, 46-43 percent.

Byrd, who still boats a 62-28 favorable-unfavorable ratio, may have met his match and master in Capito, who has a statewide rating of 57-35."

Byrd is facing a popular republican and I would suspect that the RNC will be funding her with gusto. Byrd may also be impacted by the current goings on in the Senate. Let's not forget that West Virginia want for Bush by 56-43.

"But Byrd needs beating for a host of other reasons. His defense of the filibuster was natural, since it was he who conducted a lonely 14-hour attempt to kill the 1964 Civil Rights Act by talking until he almost dropped. He stays in office by being a pork-barrel machine who waxes eloquent, at the same time, on the perils of deficit spending.

If he is the Senate’s conscience, the body is in deep trouble.

You don’t have to be a Republican to like Capito, just somebody interested in restoring a modicum of integrity, intellectual and otherwise, to the once-august United States Senate."

Of course the MSM keeps that little tidbit about Byrd filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act, well under wraps. Now he is facing a popular republican in a state thats seems to be becoming increasingly conservative. Robert Byrd may be heading the way of Tommy Daschle. - Sailor

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